Dragon became a legend at the time it was born

Dragon is an everlasting challenge

2017 Regatta calendar is published

Finland Dragon Associations ranking events 2017

1. HSK Spring Cup 27-28.5
2. Open Finnish Championship, Helsinki Regatta, HSRM 30.6-2.7
3. EVLI Hanko Regatta, ESS/HUS/HSF 7-9.7
4. Champagne Regatta, HSS 5-6.8
5. Crayfish Regatta, HSK, 18-19.8
6. BS Classic Regatta, BS 26-27.8
7. Season End Regatta, HSK 30.9-1.10

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Dragon in Facebook


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Terve! Nyt otti ohraleipä. Lindgrenin telakka ja kaikki telakat Porvoosta itäänpäin täpösen täynnä. Onko kenelläkään mitään ajatusta..

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Helsinki Dragon Gold Cup 2018

Facebook page and website now active!

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Results from Regate Royal in Cannes There is stil two sailing days left and the wind has been light. The Dragons have completed 5 races so now..

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P A R T Y @ N J K Dragon Sailors attending the Fall Regatta 30.9-1.10 are welcome to join the Sauna 15:00 and the Party 17:00 at NJK Björkholmen,..

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