Helsinki Segelklubb (HSK) is one of the biggest yacht clubs in Finland. The yacht club has approximately 1600 members and around 500 dfferent types of boats. Helsinki Segelklubb was founded in western Helsinki in 1899 and has operated in the same area ever since. The club was originally Swedish speaking but today it operates bilingually. All major international events are
also conducted in English.
The club provides a variety of services to different size and type of craft from lightweight boats and motorboats to larger yachts. The members of the club have sailed the seas of the world far and wide, and have navigated around the globe multiple times. The club’s junior scene is very active: it has 50–100 juniors practicing regularly and many of them have achieved great triumphs both at international and domestic seas.
The club has also succeeded in the adult division. Members of the club have achieved countless competition victories, including world championship, European championship and Finnish championship winnings. HSK members also have Olympic gold, silver and bronze medals under their belts.
Helsinki Segelklubb is probably known best as a competition organizer. Every year the club organizes at least one local championship level competition and around ten other competitions. HSK has organized international competitions since the 1970s.
These include European and world championships in almost every Olympic class and other distinguished international classes, such as Melges 24 and Dragon classes.
Together the Finnish Dragon Association, HSK and Helsinki will offer a beautiful venue that you don’t want to miss!