Dragon became a legend at the time it was born. Today Dragon is the blue-blooded racer of the seas. The yacht is by far the most international Olympic Classic and it is sailed on five continents. Dragon is an everlasting challenge. It takes a while to get to know her, but giving up sailing her has proved to be almost impossible.

Many people, even non-sailors admire the beautiful looks of the yacht. Norwegian Johan Anker designed Dragon for the Royal Gothenburg Yacht Club in 1929. The yacht became state of the art racer very soon in many prominent yacht clubs around the world.

Dragon is a one-design yacht. It means that all Dragons are similar what comes to measures, weight and sails. However, the trimming of each boat can vary. There are multiple trims compared to other racers. Everything on a Dragon is adjustable. That is why trimming is one of the fashionable characters of the Dragon and makes her a yacht for all three members of the crew. Not only for the skipper. Dragon is above all a team boat.

Between 1946 and 1972 Dragon was an Olympic Class, which rode her into an everlasting and international reputation. Finnish Dragons have always prevailed on international regattas. The yacht has also attracted royals. Blue Bottle is the name of Duke of Edinburgh’s Dragon, which is still sailed today. The King of Greece, Constantine won the Olympic Gold in Rome 1960. The Royal family of Denmark are faithful Dragon sailors.

Today over 400 registered Dragons are sailing under the flags of 31 different countries. The biggest fleets are in Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom and France. The Cannes Yacht Club has become a base for those Dragon sailors who want to enjoy international Dragon sailing throughout the year. The yacht is easily transportable, so competing around Europe is familiar to many sailors of our fleet.

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