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Royal Regatta published

Dear Dragoniste,

Documents Royal Regatta (September 23 to 26) have been published! It lacks the registration form.

Yacht Cannes and all its members await you with impatience. You will find attached the document.


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Stavros report from ARMISTICE CUP in November in Cannes

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1. Olympic Classic Regatta, HSS, 22-24.5, Ranking 1

2. Helsinki Regatta, HSS, 26-28.6, Ranking 2

3. EVLI Hanko..

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Rapu Regatta Winners 2014
Pede, Niko and Micke
Your price is at BS.
Please contact Brändö Seglare and Ben Mellin in order to get your price

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Final Results Armistice Cup 2014 Cannes
Hyvä hyvä Christian, Jokke, Teuvo, Catja & Team ja AAB-FUN


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Results after 2 races in Cannes.
Coupé De Armistice 2014

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