Dragon became a legend at the time it was born

Dragon is an everlasting challenge


1. HSS Spring Cup, HSS, 23-24.5,

2. Ranking 1 Helsinki Regatta, HSRM, 27-28.6, Ranking 2

3. EVLI Hanko Regatta, ESS/HUS/HSF, 3-5.7, Ranking 3

4. Nordic & Finnish Championship 7-9.7

5. Champagne Regatta, HSS, 8-9.8, Ranking 4

6. Viaporin Cup, SuPS, 15.8

7. “Crayfish-Regatta”, Jollas, HSK, 21-22.8, Ranking 5

8. Musto Classic Regatta, BS, 29-30.8, Ranking 6


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AUDI OPEN DRAGON NORDIC CHAMPIONSHIPS AUDI OPEN DRAGON FINNISH CHAMPIONSHIPS 6th – 9th July, 2015 Hangö Segelförening, HSF Hanko, Finland and invitation for Hangö Regattan (prior to the open Nordic event) 3-5th of July 2015


AUDI Dragon NC 2015 _ final (2)

AUDI Dragon NoR 2015 Find your way App 1 (1)


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Coupe des Pyramides des Dragons, du 03 au 06 avril 1915

Avis de course Coupe des Pyramides VD


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Royal Regatta published

Dear Dragoniste,

Documents Royal Regatta (September 23 to 26) have been published! It lacks the registration form.

Yacht Cannes and all its members await you with impatience. You will find attached the document.


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Dragon in Facebook

A local family won the dragon in the lottery, a happy father and his two sons. Congratulations! And we have a winner in Douarnenez

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The Regatta has started in Douarnenez, France
Here are the results after first days racing
57 Dragons in the race
Good Luck

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Hi Dragon sailor, I am looking for:
a top cover and a full cover (for transport) for Anniina D-28 to buy.
I am also looking for a trailer swop..

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The Dragons are racing in Douarnenez this weekend
You could have a chance to win a brand new Petticrows Dragon and wake up on Friday morning..

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There will be a Gold Cup in La Grande Motte in September 2017
The Yacht club is really nice and we really recommend to participate here.

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